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This lease is made in the ordinary conditions and of matter right similar and in particular to them after the lessee undertakes to execute, under penalty of all damages and termination expenses of present, however good seems to the agent and without any claim to reduce the rent.


Article 1: Arrival and departure times
Arrival times are normally scheduled on Saturday from 15 hours.
Departure times are normally scheduled on Saturday to 10 hours
These hours of arrival and departure can be changed by agreement of the lessor.


Article 2: Disclaimer
It was agreed that if the tenant Disclaimer:
more than three months before the lease takes effect, the tenant gets the deposit,
less than three months before the lease takes effect, the tenant loses his deposit
less than a month before the lease takes effect, the tenant will also pay the difference between the deposit and the total rent.
If a delay of more than two days in relation to the arrival was not reported by the lessee, the lessor may properly to try to rent housing while retaining the option to turn against the lessee.


Article 3: Terms of occupation
Obligation to occupy the premises personally, to live them in "good father" and to maintain them. All facilities are in working order and any complaint arising more than 24 hours after taking possession of the premises can be accepted. Repairs made necessary by the negligence or poor maintenance during the lease will be borne by the lessee. Obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the fact the customer or his family.
  • The premises are rented furnished with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, bedding and pillows, as they are in the attached description. If applicable, the owner or his representative will be entitled to claim from the lessee at his departure the price of cleaning the leased premises (fixed in 50 euros), the total value of the replacement price of the objects, furniture or materials broken, cracked, chipped or damaged and those whose wear would exceed the normal for the duration of the lease, the price of cleaning dirty duvets made, compensation for damage of any kind on the curtains, paintings, ceilings, carpets, carpets, windows, bedding, etc.
  • The tenant agrees to insure against risks (fire, water damage). Lack of insurance, disaster, will give rise to damages. This is usually either a "holiday" extension of its primary home insurance policy or a specific contract limited his stay in the said location.